VitaCeric – energizing and vitalizing cosmetics from Dr Irena Eris

by Monic Bert

How does your complexion tend look like straight after waking up? Definitely, it is radiant, fresh and smooth. No wonder, you would like to keep this state for as long as it is possible. How to accomplish this? For example, you can use energizing and vitalizing VitaCeric cosmetic series from Dr Irena Eris.

In general, VitaCeric collection comprises of five cosmetics. Basically, these are: a day and night energizing emulsion for combination and oily skin, a day and night revitalizing cream for normal and dry skin, a night revitalizing cream, a lightening serum and a pore minimizing perfecting serum. All the cosmetics are destined for tired, dry and deprived from radiant look complexion.

The energizing emulsion, containing SPF 15 filter is dedicated for people having oily as well as combination complexion. The cosmetic protects face skin from impurities deriving from external environment. What is more, complexion is also guarded against free radicals. The refreshment and regeneration is provided by vitamins included into the emulsion’s formula. Not only does the product provide radiant and healthy skin look but also it can be used as a make up base. The energizing emulsion is sold in a little jar of 50 ml capacity.

The day and night revitalizing cream SPF 15 is recommended for normal and dry skin. Obviously, since it is destined to this particular skin types, its aim is to moisturize, soft and highlight complexion. Similarly to the energizing emulsion, the revitalizing cream protects from free radicals since it has got strong antioxidant working. What is more, this cream can also replace a make up base as well. Finally, the revitalizing cream is sold in a transparent jar of 50 ml capacity.

Yet another cosmetic from VitaCeric collection to discuss, the night revitalizing cream works revitalizing, moisturizing, nourishing and smoothing. It contains hazelnut oil and vitamin complex. Furthermore, it is recommended for people over the age of 25 to apply it on every skin type, on the daily basis. The night revitalizing cream is to be applied, as the name speaks for itself, at bedtime. Identically to the previously enumerated VitaCeric components, the revitalizing cream is of 50 ml. The only difference is the colour of the jar since it is available in a black shade.

Now, a word concerning serums. The first one, the lightening serum from Dr Irena Eris is dedicated to people over 25 years old. It serves for everyday care of dry and normal skin. Its aim is to reduce and even skin tone as well as to eliminate acne and solar marks. In general, the product decreases the visibility of fine lines and skin imperfections. Obviously, it can also be applied as the make up base or a day and night cream. The serum is sold in a 30 ml bottle.

The second serum, of pore minimizing features is recommended for dry and normal skin of people having more than 25 years old. This product is of plenty of tasks since it unblock skin pores, purifies complexion, reduces sebum production and eliminates dead skin cells from face skin layer. Additionally, the vitamin complex nourishes and smooths complexion. As the above mentioned serum, the pore minimizing one is also available in 30 ml bottle version.

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