The best cosmetics with Shea butter. What should you choose?

by Monic Bert

One of the most popular cosmetic kinds of butter. Used as an effective moisturizing, softening and elasticity restoring product. Contains natural UV filter, so you should look for it in cosmetics. What is this product? Shea butter, naturally!

How to find high quality cosmetic with Shea butter? That is quite a challenge because many products contain trace amounts of it. In spite of Shea butter being the most popular cosmetic among vegetable components added to cosmetics. You mostly find it in skin care products, however, not so much in hair care cosmetics.

Wild Shea Butter. What is its secret?

The color has similar to ivory. It is edible. However, the secret to its action is hidden within – in the fatty acids, which you cannot see with your bare eye. A significant part (about 85-90%) of the entire oil is fatty acids: oleic and stearic. First of them is monounsaturated and the other one saturated. The proportions can vary. Those are the one to decide on Shea butter texture. It can be more or less hard. Fatty acids also impact properties of this product.

Shea butter contains saturated fatty acids (2-6% palmitic, 34-45% stearic), unsaturated fatty acids (40-50% oleic, 4-10% linoleic), polyphenols, phytosterols, carbs and vitamins (A – retinol, E – tocopherol).

Shea butter has a beneficial impact on hair and scalp because:

– it absorbs fast, supports protective lipid barrier,
– it is natural sun filter,
– it helps retain water and reduces water loss.

No wonder that Shea butter is so frequently used in cosmetics! That is perfect emollient. It enriches every cosmetic, but you have to look for it exclusively in unrefined version. Before you buy any type of body or hair balm, read the composition. The fact that Shea butter is written in big letters does not necessarily mean there is a lot of it in the product. On the contrary, it usually is present in a trace amount.


In hair care cosmetics, Shea butter is rare. Probably because its texture never makes application easy. However, in combination with other oils, it works great, particularly on straight and smooth hair. Which cosmetics for hair contain perfectly composed ingredients and Shea butter of the highest quality? Here are three most popular propositions.


One of three hair oils from Nanoil. As the only products on the market, those oils match three hair types – from the healthiest (low porosity) to the most damaged (high porosity). Nanoil for low porosity hair was created for fine, straight, difficult to dry and style hair devoid of volume. It is a harmonious combination of the best oils and additional enhancing substances. There are nine natural oils, for example, Siberian pine oil, argan oil, and shea butter. Besides those, complex against hair loss and for hair growth stimulation, vitamins A and E, panthenol and sun filter. Nanoil hair oil has high efficiency and presents itself very elegant in a black and gold bottle with wooden cap. Nanoil for low porosity hair speeds up drying time, prevents excess water loss, nourishes, strengthens inner hair structures, and facilitates styling due to excellent absorption, magnifies gloss and softness, ensures complex protection, but also restores scalp with vitality. The higher price is a result of rich composition and properties developed by specialists conducting studies on the correlation between hair anatomy and natural oil. Nanoil hair oil is one of the most effective oils on the market. It has light-weight formula, entirely natural composition free from silicones and parabens while being highly efficient.


Orange hair mask by Garnier Fructis provides repair for dry, damaged and stressed hair. That is a product in Garnier Fructis Oil Repair 3 Line. It contains mild floral oils able to penetrate inner hair structures. The components are among many, avocado oil, shea butter, olive oil and few other vegetable extracts. Strengthening hair mask by Garnier Fructis causes no weighting down if used in moderation, which can be difficult for such a full-bodied cosmetic. It has beautiful, floral scent. Hair mask from Garnier Fructis is recommended as a one-minute hair mask, which means weaker action and more artificial enhancers, including alcohol and silicones.


French hair conditioner in a silver tube. At first, it looks like nothing special but is one of the most popular cosmetics amongst people who like this form. It was created for dry hair. Its action was based mostly on hydration and nourishment on the entire hair length. It regenerates and provides protection against the sun, freeze, wind and stylisation. The base for this product is Shea butter. Unfortunately, the ludicrously high price of L’Occitane is not adequate to its not so rich composition. It should also be pointed out that this cosmetic’s hard to get.


Shea butter is more frequently met in skincare cosmetics due to the resemblance to the body balms. Shea butter texture makes it easy to apply on the body, especially because it melts at contact with skin and is entirely absorbed. Many cosmetics is being enriched with Shea butter properties. Below are two most commonly chosen propositions.


Another position by L’Occitane. This time it is calming face oil enriched by two oils: Shea and Marula. Unfortunately, there is only 5% of Shea butter. The cosmetic was developed to take care of dry and sensitive skin, which it delivers with soothing action. There is no greasy film left on the skin, and it absorbs well. It enhances epidermis regeneration and protective functions of lipid barrier. It is a natural formula with a high price. Small capacity is not a too great obstacle because French face oil is used in small amounts.


One of the cutest kinds of body butter you can get. Mostly because of metallic jar decorated with colorful, girly pink flowers. Natural shea butter by Institut Karité is suitable for face, body, and hair. It is perfect for dry and damaged hair or dry, irritated and cracked skin. However, in the first case, the application may prove problematic. Shea butter is available in few different capacities, so you can first test its action – nourishment, moisture, and irritations calming.

Shea butter – properties

It is a cosmetic product with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-age action. It holds healing properties – speeds up scars and burns healing. Shea butter is considered emollient because it prevents water loss. Some sources claim that it has regenerative properties, though this is mostly merit of oil. The same goes for extending the tan. However, Shea butter most definitely provides elasticity restoration.