Effective weapon against dark circles under eyes – Dark Circle Concealer from NYX Cosmetics

by Monic Bert

What is considered to be the biggest nightmare of women’s? Broken heel, too tight dress, colour of a purse that does not match with shoes’ colour? No! The greatest problem of women’s are wrinkles and dark circles under eyes. How to get rid of them? Is it even under eyes. With the aid of Dark Circle Concealer from NYX Cosmetics this magic trick can be easily achieved.

Why in particular do puffiness and dark circles tend to appear? Certainly, there are plenty of reasons. Simply, the fault may lie with our physiognomy. It is even worse, when bruises and swellings are the result of a disease, unhealthy diet or improper lifestyle. Other reasons may include badly-picked cosmetics, stress, medications, spending long hours in front of the computer, staying in rooms providing artificial lightening or simply sleep disorders. How to deal with dark circles and swellings under eyes? For example, you can apply compressions, those made from a cucumber or chamomile, perform home massages, for instance with ice cubes or simply patting oxygenating creams containing hyaluronic acid. Nevertheless, before all the swellings disappear, it is advisable to cover these first. This quickly process can be possible due to Dark Circle Concealer from NYX Cosmetics assistance. One thing to remember, by applying a concealer or a highlighter of an extremely light shade, all you achieve is emphasizing the swellings.

NYX concealer is closed in a tiny jar. The weight of the product equals 2,9 grams. For these reason, the product is light and compact enough to fit any purse. What is more, the cosmetic is available in only two shades, Fair and Light. Both colours have got a slightly orange pigmentation, which is why, these are good at blending with the skin tone and covering skin imperfections. Unfortunately, Dark Circle Concealer cannot be classified to the plastic cosmetics category. While applying, it is necessary to put a little bit of effort to evenly distribute the cosmetic under eyes. Obviously, it can be done with a tip of a finger, a make-up sponge or a make-up brush. The lastly-enumerated applicator would do the work, although, with the finger application the product has the opportunity to become wormed up and finally becomes a little more plastic. When it comes to the composition, Dark Circle Concealer from NYX contains colouring pigments and Chinese clay, the aim of which is to reflect light, optically highlight under eye skin, camouflage dark circles and swellings. Eventually, skin is smooth, radiant and healthy.

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