How To Clean Makeup Brushes? Step-By-Step Guide

by Monic Bert

Makeup brushes are a must-have for any person who cares about professional and stylish makeup. After applying various makeup products, dirt, sebum, and bacteria settle on the brushes along with the results from skincare products. Using unwashed and undisinfected brushes may result in irritation, allergic reactions, and pimples. How to wash makeup brushes?

Brushes need to be cleaned regularly for hygiene reasons. They are in contact with sebum, dead skin cells, dust, and other impurities that settle on them. They harbor bacteria that love a warm and moist environment.

Applying makeup with a dirty brush results in skin problems, bacterial infections, acne, and clogged pores, and that’s why regular washing and disinfecting of brushes is so important. This way you will be able to say goodbye to pimples. Another reason why you need to wash your makeup brushes is that you use them to apply different cosmetics and residues from previous uses can change the shade of the product you are using currently.

How often to clean makeup brushes?

It all depends on what the brush is intended for. If you apply wet cosmetics with it like a concealer, foundation, or BB cream, it is necessary to wash it after each application. Bacteria multiply the fastest in the residue of oily solutions. After one use, the foundation or concealer dries on the brush so it is almost impossible to use it again. The same goes for foundation sponges and smaller brushes like those for applying gel eyeliner or creamy eyeshadow. Brushes for applying loose products like powder, eyeshadow, or bronzer can be cleaned a little less often.

What to clean makeup brushes with?

The most common method of cleaning brushes is to wash them with regular soap bar. The detergents it contains are definitely enough to remove all bacteria and dirt thoroughly while being gentle so as not to damage the natural or synthetic bristles. For synthetic brushes, use baby oil or washing oils which will attract grease while removing dirt. There is a lot of residue of dried cosmetics on synthetic fibers. If you want to wash them away as gently as possible, you can use a baby shampoo for this purpose. In addition, beauty stores offer various specialized products for cleaning brushes.

How to clean brushes step by step?

  1. Put the brushes in a bowl of water or soak them under running water. Do not soak the cap so as not to damage the glue.
  2. Apply cleanser to the wet bristles and rub gently until it starts to lather. Rinse with warm water and repeat until the water is clear.
  3. After washing, disinfect your brushes with a spray you can get at any drugstore. Spray and then gently wipe them with a paper towel.
  4. After wiping the brushes, put them on a towel and let them dry naturally. Do not place them on a heater or use a hair dryer.
  5. If you want to maintain the right shape of the brush, make some holes in cling film and wrap it around the bristles. The brush will dry naturally, keeping its shape.