Make-Up Setting Spray: What Is It, Which One to Choose & How to Use It?

by Monic Bert

When planning on special events or meetings, we need special products to make sure make-up stays untouched and flawless for many hours. That is why a setting spray should be the last step while applying make-up. This spray is a must-have for all make-up artists but you should definitely get one too. It prolongs your make-up and allows it to get through the most hostile conditions like a wedding party or prom night!

What does a make-up setting spray do?

Setting spray is a kind of magic product that binds all layers of make-up together. It instantly sets your make-up making it stay on for many hours. In a way it works like a hairspray by forming a protective film.

How to use a setting spray?

This is the last step of your make-up routine: once the last product is applied, close your eyes and spritz the face holding the bottle around ten inches from the face. The spray dries and you’re ready to go! Don’t worry about the tight-feeling face because it passes fast. Tip from a pro: after applying the setting spray you can re-apply your highlighter to upgrade the effect.

Can you use a setting spray every day?

We definitely warn you against doing that. A setting spray should not be used on a daily basis because it keeps the skin from breathing freely and may cause it to dry out. It’s a must-have for special occasions, though!

Which setting spray to choose?

Currently, many make-up brands offer setting sprays. There are tons of products that differ in size, formula, price, and finish they give. Here are top three picks that work best according to consumers:

Inglot Makeup Fixer – reviewers say it keeps make-up long-wear, gives a natural finish touch and is free from alcohol, but some users don’t like the aroma.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Set Setting Spray – it is designed for dry skin, has a nice coconut smell, gives a dewy finish and doesn’t enhance dry patches. Too bad it’s pricey.

And top of the top:

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is hailed as the best one giving you the longest-lasting make-up, plus it works for all skin types.

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