Remedy for Chapped Lips? DIY Lip Balm [Easy-To-Follow Instructions]

by Monic Bert

Lip care always matters, no matter if it’s cold or hot outside. It sometimes happens that we don’t have a lip balm close at hand because – let’s be honest – this tiny cosmetic keeps vanishing in thin air! Then what? If you’re at home, you may go to the kitchen and make your own lip balm. It’s super easy and fun!

Women love homemade beauty products. Such cosmetics are easy to make, are all-natural and have simple formulas. And the best thing about DIY cosmetics is they don’t cost much and can be made literally any time – even in the middle of the night when all the drugstores are closed. Their formulas include common food products and basic plant-based substances like oils or extracts that most people have at their homes.

Homemade lip balm

For some reason we make face masks, hair masks and scrubs at home far more often than makeup products. It’s a pity because creating DIY color cosmetics, such as lipsticks, is far from being difficult. By doing so, you not only save up your hard-earned money but also creating beauty products from scratch gives you a real sense of achievement. If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, you may want to start from this easy-to-follow recipe for a homemade lip balm.

What will you need to make your own lip balm?

To make your own lip balm, you need just a few easily-available ingredients.

  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp shea butter
  • 5-6 drops olive oil
  • half tsp honey

Apart from the ingredients, you will also need some basic kitchen utensils such as: a mug, a small bowl, a wooden stick for string and a container for your lip balm.

DIY lip balm recipe

Making this beauty product at home is super simple.

First, boil some water and pour it into a mug or glass. Then, put a small ceramic/glass/metal bowl on the mug and let the steam warm it up. In the meantime, to the bowl there goes both oils, shea butter and honey. Keep stirring until an even mass is obtained, and all ingredients are well-combined.

Pour the smooth mixture into a container. Let it cool down and solidify.

How to use DIY lip balm

You can use the homemade lip balm the exact same way you use a ready-made lip balm. Keep it always with you and reach for it whenever your lips feel dry and chapped. The oils will smooth the skin, deliver nourishes and provide protection. Honey in turn will replenish the lips with water. Use the lip balm once a day to feel the difference.

DIY lip balm tips

  1. Keep the DIY lip balm in a dark container so it protects the cosmetic from the sunlight. In this way the lip balm will remain fresh for longer.
  2. Add a tiny bit of eye shadow or blusher to give your lip balm a color.
  3. Turn your homemade lip balm into a lip scrub. Warm it up and combine either with sugar or salt.