Choosing The Best Lash Lift and Lamination Kit. These Products Ensure Natural and Curled Lashes for Long

by Monic Bert

Beautiful, curled and, most importantly, natural eyelashes – this is the dream of many women. However, the lashes often refuse to cooperate and using an eyelash curler may not be enough. This is when it is worth considering lash lift and lamination. Thanks to special kits, these treatments can be performed even at home. The following ranking should help you decide which lash lift and lamination set you should choose.

Lash lift kit - ranking of the best sets

Lash lift and lamination – what do they consist of?

The beauty industry is changing constantly, which is perfectly demonstrated by the example of eyelash lift and lamination. What are these treatments? Women who have been visiting beauty salons for years may know them as a lash perm.This method inloves lifting and curling natural lashes.

By performing a lash lift, you can expect your lashes to be more lifted and emphasize your eyes much better for longer. This is possible thanks to the use of special products that increase the flexibility of the lashes and maintain their correct shape for up to several weeks.

Since you now know what an lash lift is, it’s time to learn more about what eyelash lamination is all about. This process provides additional, equally desirable effects. Following the lamination, the eyelashes are curled, but also visually thicker, more voluminous, and darker. 

Lash lift kit – ranking of the best sets

The ranking below will certainly be helpful for anyone who wants to buy the best lash lift and lamination set. It is useful to know what each set contains, the formula of the products, and how long the effects of the lamination and lash lift last. We managed to select some very interesting options for women who want to transform their eyes without leaving home.

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

best lash lift kit

The ranking opens with the first professional lash lamination set from Nanolash. This kit allows you to perform both lash lift and lamination. At the same time, it is reasonably priced, which positively distinguishes it from many other kits in the ranking.

This complete kit for laminating eyelashes at home provides all the necessary products and accessories. The set from Nanolash includes 3 pairs of silicone rods, 3 spollies, 5 ml of Lash Lift glue, and, most importantly, a total of 30 sachets with laminating solutions – 10 of each of the 3 special products. This way the Lash Lift Kit from Nanolash is enough for 10 full applications. The effects of the lash lift with this kit last up to 8 weeks, and the treatment itself is extremely easy to perform – thanks to the clear instructions and various additional materials the brand provides on its website and social media. You can also find hundreds of reviews of satisfied users there, which show their effects of lamination and describe the process in detail.  

For women interested in DIY lash lift and lamination, this brand’s kit is one of the best options.  The manufacturer also took care of beneficial formulas. The products included in the kit are made with ingredients with beneficial properties for eyelashes. Lanolin used during the lamination conditions the lashes and prevents water evaporation. Avocado, grapeseed, and olive oils moisturize and nourish the eyelashes. In turn, thanks to Abyssinian and coconut oil, the lashes gain shine and protection from sun rays. Other ingredients that ensure extra eyelash volume, strengthening, and shine are silk, panthenol, and arginine. 

2. MIYA LASH Keratin Lash Lift Kit

This is one of the more extensive kits that will work well for even the most demanding women. The set from the MIYA LASH brand includes an activator, neutralizer, moisturizing serum, adhesive, cleanser, and a considerable set of accessories. In addition to cosmetics, the set consists of various brushes, silicone rods, and much more.

This makes the product from MIYA LASH a complete lash lamination kit. It allows you to achieve the effect of properly curled, visually thicker, and voluminous lashes for up to 6 weeks.

A big advantage of this kit is also its attractive price. It will be a great choice for women who want to start their adventure with DIY lash lamination and are looking for an inexpensive but complete set. Even eye patches are included.

3. Brow lamination and lash lift kit – Protein Reconstruction System Zola

At-home lash lift and lamination are fairly simple treatments, even with elaborate kits. The Zola brand decided to prepare something for women who, nevertheless, find it too challenging. The extremely easy and quick to use Brow&Lash Protein Reconstruction System will be perfect for this task.

What distinguishes this set from other kits intended for laminating eyelashes at home available on the market? Its design. With other products, you have to deal with set elements such as silicone rods, applicators, and so on. This is missing from the set from the Zola brand, but it is not needed at all to perform the treatment at the same time. Instead, the set consists of 3 tubes of product with applicators, like regular mascara.

In this way, the Zola brand has created a product for women who appreciate simplicity and minimalism. Each product is responsible for a different stage of lifting the lashes. The first gives flexibility and opens the hair to nutrients, the second allows to neutralize this action and fix the new lash shape, and the third further nourishes the lashes. Zola thus offers a rather unusual, but at the same time effective eyelash lamination kit.

4. Elleebana Lash Lift starter kit

The Elleebana brand provides a professional kit for lifting eyelashes at home and beyond, which lasts for loads of applications. The kits consists of 15 pairs of sachets with activator and neutralizer. Each one is enough for up to 4 applications, as long as they are performed right after one another. The kit also includes a lifting adhesive, several pairs of silicone rods, a metal applicator, a brush, a foam remover, and an illustrated instruction manual.

At the same time, it is the most expensive kit in the ranking. However, the price is not so excessive when you consider that it lasts for up to 60 applications, making it a choice that will last for more than a few treatments. They can be performed one by one only in professional beauty salons though.

With the kit, you can perform a complete lash lift quickly. The effects include visibly visibly lifted lashes with a defined curl. In addition, it is a fully formaldehyde-free product. The duration of the treatment is also noteworthy. A single eyelash lift can take as little as 20 minutes, making it an instant way to transform the appearance of natural eyelashes.

5. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

Designed for lifting eyelashes, the Eyelash Lift set from RefectoCil is a great choice for women who care mostly about a large number of applications. According to the manufacturer, you can perform up to 36 treatments with this set.

The product from RefectoCil includes accessories such as silicone rods, mini cosmetic bowls, brushes, and an eyelash lifter. In addition, of course, there are products for lifting the eyelashes. The products include two tubes of an activator and two tubes of a neutralizer, 3.5 ml each, and a 4 ml bottle of glue.

The entire kit comes offered in a generous makeup bag. As the manufacturer claims, carrying out the treatment with this kit is a simple process. You get three different sizes of silicone rods which can be considered an additional advantage. This makes it possible to match them to the length of your eyelashes and the desired curl.

6. Thuya lash lift set

Women looking for a large kit that will suffice for many applications can also check out what the set from the Thuya brand has to offer. This is a simple kit that consists of only 5 parts. It includes 15 ml of permanent gel, 15 ml of liquid neutralizer, 15 ml of lifting glue, silicone rods, and a wooden pick. 

With the large amount of each product, the set from Thuya lasts for up to dozens of applications. However, not everything about this set is so good. The price of the set certainly has to be considered a disadvantage, and you only get one pair of silicone rods in M size. If you want to use the rods in S or L size, you have to buy them separately.

The lash lift kit from Thuya provides a lasting eyelash curl and lift. The effects last from 6 to 8 weeks on natural lashes. It all depends on the type and condition of your lashes.

How to perform lash lift and lamination at home?

The entire process of lifting and laminating eyelashes at home can take about an hour, so make sure you have enough time. Once completed, it’s also a good idea to moisturize and condition your eyelashes regularly to maintain the lifted effect for longer.

It is also a good idea to maintain proper hygiene during the lash lift at home to avoid irritation or eye infections. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations and being careful when applying the products is the key to a safe and effective lash lift at home.

An at-home lash lift begins with a thorough cleansing of the lashes and eye area using an oil-free makeup remover. A special eyelash and eyebrow shampoo can also be helpful. Then you can start the lash lift step by step.

The first step is to choose the right size of silicone rods – the strength of the curl depends on this. The rods can be trimmed to fit the size of the eyelid perfectly. Then you need to apply some eyelash glue on the rods. Usually, the glue is included in the kit

You need to comb the lashes onto the rods, carefully separating them. This will maintain the lashes in the correct position for lift and lamination

The next step is to apply a product to the eyelashes to increase their flexibility and prepare them for the active ingredients. After a certain amount of time, the product needs to be gently removed, followed by the application of a neutralizer to help rebuild the lashes. The final step is the actual lash lamination. For this purpose, keratin formulas are used.

Finally, it is enough to wipe off the products, and gently remove the silicone rods. To make the lash lift and lamination complete, brush through the lashes with a spoolie.

After performing a lash lift at home, the results can be noticeable for up to several weeks. This is ideal for people who want beautifully lifted and defined eyelashes without leaving home. It also saves time and money, compared to regular appointments in beauty salons.

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