Repair your hands, strengthen the nails. The finest treatments for hands

by Monic Bert

Hands say a lot about us. Obviously, we can’t change their shape or make them more slender, yet there is one thing we have a total control over – the treatments we expose the hands to. Do you know how to take care of the hands to make them smooth and stunning? What products to use to repair brittle fingernails? How to protect the hand skin from damage? Check our beauty hacks and home remedies to get stunning hands!

Tried-and-tested home remedies for beautiful hands


Hand scrub is the core of hand care. Hand skin needs to be freed from the layer of dead epidermal cells, and the scrub is one of the best tools to help you smooth the skin out. Naturally, you can reach either for a commercial hand scrub or make your own at home by combining some basic ingredients like for example honey, sugar, bran, vegetable oils or shea butter to later spread your customized scrub over the hands. Keep massaging the hands for 3-5 minutes and rinse the diy exfoliator. As the last step, follow either with a hand mask or a cream. Both products will give you better results if you apply them on the hand skin that has been just exposed to exfoliation.


Paraffin wax bath, which depends on soaking hands in liquid paraffin, is a treatment that won’t repair the hands but it will surely improve them, make them stronger and provide protection. Paraffin encrusts on the hands creating a kind of gloves that are able to rebuild the skin’s lipid barrier. Just one paraffin treatment suffices to get smooth hands that are incredibly pleasant to the touch.


Using hand masks always makes a good idea because they deliver better results than regular hand creams. As mentioned above, if you want to get smooth, nourished and revived hand skin, first you should get rid of dead skin cells (use a scrub) and then follow with a home hand mask. However, if you don’t have time for this two-step hand treatment, skip the scrub but just wash the hands thoroughly before applying a mask. What mask should you choose? Try a hand mask made from honey and a vegetable oil, or a hand mask made from boiled and mashed potato combined with an egg yolk. Another efficacious hand mask that you can make at home contains natural yogurt, vegetable oil and lemon juice. Make sure that the mask is thick so it remains on the hands for a few minutes.


Natural vegetable oils are incredibly powerful substances given to us by mother nature. They don’t need to be combined with any additives to boost their effects because vegetable oils are able to give you what you want on their own. The oils brim with vitamins, rejuvenating flavonoides and good fatty acids. You can use natural vegetable oils to improve your whole body’s appearance, including the hands. If you want to discover their full potential, warm up a vegetable oil in a water bath, combine with lemon juice and soak your hands in the mixture. Take the hands out after 10 minutes and dry with a towel. So incredibly smooth and moisturized the hands are, right?

Tried-and-tested home remedies for beautiful nails

Obviously, fingernails make an integral part of hands, therefore if we want to enjoy beautiful hands, we need to take good care of the nails too. After all, they are associated with purely feminine traits just like long eyelash. Check the treatments for stunning and strong nails. Learn how to repair nails damaged by gel manicure.


As mentioned above, vegetable oils are more than all-natural beauty products. They know how to totally reconstruct and repair the fingernails that are brittle, dry and deprived both of moisture and nutrients. How to rescue nails with natural vegetable oils? Take a castor oil (or any other oil of your choice) and rub it into the nail plate on a daily basis. Which oil should you use? If you don’t have castor oil, try applying jojoba oil, olive oil and argan oil.


If you want to nourish the nails fast and replenish them with water, try flaxseed. Cover the seeds with boiling water and let it produce gel. Don’t use too much water because the gel will be too thin. You need to obtain a dense gel-ish substance so it doesn’t run down the hands but remain on the fingernails. Also, you can either soak the nails in the flaxseed infusion or rub the gel into the nails.


This isn’t a homemade but store-bought product that is supposed to take good care of your cuticles and the skin surrounding the fingernails. Basically all cuticle creams leave the skin well-nourished and good-looking. Keep using cuticle cream of your choice on a day-to-day basis.


The vitamin of youth for nails? Why not? Vitamin E makes one of the best substances used to improve nails’ appearance. Get some vitamin E in capsules – it’s widely-available in drugstores and pharmacies. Once you have it at home, keep rubbing the nails with vitamin E every evening. If you want to, you can combine it with some vegetable oil. Such mixture will give you stronger fingernails faster.

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