What are your skincare sins?

by Monic Bert

Sadly, not all of us know how to correctly care for the skin. Still many of us, especially those at the beginning of the skincare journey, commit numerous beauty mistakes. Some are not that glaring yet still some may result with serious skin-related issues. What should you be aware of?

Incorrect skincare routine

Currently, the beauty industry is saturated with various products. However, it makes it truly difficult to find one interesting cosmetic among so many. Nonetheless, if you care for proper skincare, you should devote some time to finding the correct products. Said cosmetics should match your skin type, its problems, the season of the year, current skin condition and the fact whether you undergo invasive beauty treatments.

Unaided inflammatory condition removal

Popping is the best way to quickly get rid of pimples and blackheads. Unfortunately, manual removal of said skin changes is not a great solution. As a consequence, you leave your skin with irritations, impact the healing process of the changes, contribute to hyperpigmentation and scarring and transfer bacteria from fingers to the face.

Incorrect cleanse

In skin cleanse the order in which you use cosmetics matters. Nothing should be left to chance because there is a determined hierarchy for applying cosmetics. First goes micellar liquid then face washing gel. The first will remove all water and oil-based dirt while the second one gets rid of all the other impurities, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. For even better results, you can use some exfoliator, then face mask, but only once or twice a week.

Incorrect face cream application

It concerns mostly the use of face cream instead of under-eye cream. Unfortunately, the first one is in no way recommended for the eye area. It has an entirely different texture and composition.

Use of face mask

Using face masks is crucial when it comes to skincare. Sadly, most of us do not know how to apply it correctly and when to wash it down. Most of you wait for the mask to dry completely (especially when its clay-based face mask). The result? Skin feels tight and wrinkles and irritations may appear. To avoid such imperfections you should spray the applied face mask with herbal or thermal water and wash down much sooner.

Taking care of face with omittance to neck and cleavage

The skincare with attention to face, neck, and cleavage is sadly rare. The most attention is paid to the face, but we forget the neck and cleavage. As a consequence, those are the areas where wrinkles appear quickly. Whereas, all you need to do is apply the same face cream only to the neck and cleavage or you can find cosmetics recommended for these areas.

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