New eye shadow palette designed by Christian Dior

by Monic Bert

Another edition of eye shadow palette 5 Couleurs from Christian Dior. This time, there are more colours in one case, these are intricately decorated and present fairly gracefully. Check out, how to perform eye make-up with the usage of Dior’s 5 Couleurs eye shadow palette.

Starting from the visual impressions concerning the package, the eye shadow palette is closed in a small, square box closed in a click-fit. Inside the box, we can find a mirror and two make-up applicators, one with two make-up sponges and the second one ended with a make-up sponge and a make-up brush. Definitely, we can consider the package to be a portable eye make-up kit since we can touch up the look of our eye make-up no matter where we are, at work or at school. After that, we can easily put Dior’s eye shadows back into a purse.

The composition of shades and their design was very well thought out. The colours are selected in such a way to enable users to perform harmonized eye make-up which is suitable both for day-to-day wearing and for the night out. As it is easy to guess, the palette comprises of five carefully selected eye shadows. Four of these are matched with the central one, engraved with the producer’s initials. The fracture of the four shadows resembles quilted cloth. When it comes to the number of shades variation, Christian Dior offers twelve compositions. For instance, we will find shades such as pastel, matte and iridescent ones, starting from ecru and beige, through pink, grey, purple, brown and ending at dark blue, dark green and even black one.

In general, the eye shadows have got cream-like consistency, are easy to apply, does not cumulate in ceases of the eyelids and does not run down the face. What is more, this cosmetic can be applied both wet and dry. How to perform flawless eye make-up with Christian Dior eye shadows palette?

First and foremost, the whole eyelid has to be covered with a make-up foundation or with an eye shadow primer. Putting these first, you make the eye shadows hold longer. Now, let us reach for Carre Bleu palette. This is a composition of four blue and one bright colour. Cover your eyelid along with the above crease area with the blue shadow of the lightest colour. Mark upper and lower eyelashes line with the central eye shadow, the one with producer’s initials. With the same shadow, paint the outer lids. The white colour should be spread over the transition area, under brow bone and on the inner corners of the eyes. In this manner, you highlight the look. If you would like to transform this eye make-up into the evening one, use the centre shade to cover the whole eyelid. Next, put the darkest shade onto eyelash line and on the inner corners of the eyes. With the last shade from the palette, smudge the other shades. You can also stretch it over the area of eyelids. Finally, mascara your eyelashes.

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