Two in One Astor Perfect Stay 24H Foundation + Perfect Skin Primer. Is it going to work?

by Monic Bert

Astor has worked out a completely new and fairly promising cosmetic. In general, it is a makeup foundation and primer combined into one product, that joins Perfect Stay 24H collection. Has this 2in1 product proven positive?

Is it possible to create a makeup foundation being at the same time a primer? And can a primer work like a makeup foundation? It appears, the answer is positive. Fairly recognizable Astor cosmetic brand has placed a bet on this 2in1 cosmetic. Was it worth the risk? In fact, yes, it was since which one of us does not like cosmetics combining plenty of features? On the whole, having makeup foundation and a primer closed in one product we save not only time devoted on application but also money since we buy only one product, not two separate ones. What are the other advantages of Astor Perfect Stay 24H Foundation + Perfect Skin Primer?

This Astor cosmetic is sold in a plastic package with a transparent cap due to which we are able to see the texture of the product without the need of opening it. However, it is not everything. Astor has also taken care of the exceptional functionality of the product. When we lift the first level of the package, the one with the primer, we find a space destined for the make up sponge and for a mirror. For women, touching up make up several times during a day, this conception appears to be a perfect solution.

How does the primer works? First and foremost, it contains the properties of a typical makeup foundation. This means, the cosmetic provides good imperfections coverage, evens skin tone and generally smooths complexion. As a primer, it guarantees slightly matt make up finishing. What is more, Astor product does not form mask-like effect and smudges or other unattractive stains on our face. Instead of this, the cosmetic simply melts with skin. Moreover, Astor Perfect Stay 24H Foundation + Perfect Skin Primer can be applied both in a dry or wet manner. Probably, this is the first cosmetic of that kind. How does this concept really work? Adding water to the primer, we create a kind of a gentle-textured foundation. While applying without water, we matte the skin of our face.

As shown above, Astor has enabled people having various complexions to find a product destined especially for them. That is why, we have three colours, beige and brown shades, to choose from and match with our face skin.

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