The Truth about Eyelash Extensions Revealed

by Monic Bert

Did you know that during the lash extension session, the lash technician applies between 110-130 individual lashes per eye? Not many know that when deciding on lash extensions, you cannot wear them on ongoing basis for longer than a year. After this period, you need to give your time to recover. Keep reading to find out other useful information regarding lash extensions.

The lash extension application is time-consuming

The first session when the full set of lashes is applied can take even 3 hours. It is important to plan your time accordingly as you never know how much time you are going to spend in the salon. Make sure that you go to the toilet prior to the treatment. Once the session starts, you will have to spend over two hrs on the chair with your eyes closed. Each refill appointment should take no longer than 45 min.

Find a good lash technician

We do not realize how important that is. In the YouTube era, we have plenty of ‘specialists’ who learn their professions from online tutorials. Before making your first appointment, do a proper research about the salon or the beautician you want to visit. The best source of information are your friend. Ask anybody who have the lash extensions about their experience with the particular beautician. Eye are is very sensitive and you do not want to experiment with lash extensions. There are many things that can go wrong: you may be allergic to the glue or the technician may clump your lashes and the effect will be far from desired. Do not be afraid to ask about certificates and proofs of training. Go online and find licensed lash technician so that you are sure that your lashes are in good hands.

You have to keep your lashes dry for at least 48hrs after the application

The most important care rule is that you just cannot get your extensions wet for at least 48 hrs from application. That means no washing your hair, no pool session, no Bikram yoga the next day. No crying, no pools, no excessive sweating. The best thing you can do to your lashes is to go jogging take a long, hot before the first appointment. Going to the cinema for the the tears squeezer is not the good idea. Avoid humid places; leave the bathroom right after the shower so you do not expose your extensions to excess moisture. This long-lasting treatment may be ruined within first 2 days. This is the time when the lash adhesive can be easily dissolved by any kind of oil of moisture and the bond between the extension and your own lash can be broken.

Your skin care routine will have to change

It is very important to keep your new, amazing lashes clear of any oil; therefore, you will have to stop using your regular makeup remover that most likely is oil-based. Treat yourself with micellar water or any other oil-free makeup cleanser. Many lash technicians recommend washing your face and eye area at least twice a day. Remember to massage your lashes very gently to make sure that you get rid of any sebum that could have gathered there. As you already know, moisture may also loosens the bond between lashes and extensions. Use the hair dryer with cool setting to dry your lashes. This way you can make them, dry very quickly without causing any pressure to their structure. Additionally, hair dryer is a great tool that can help you to put your lashes in the upward position. Try to avoid spending long hours in the swimming pool or on sauna. Quick shower though is perfectly fine.

Do I have to rob the bank to afford lash extensions?

Lash extensions is not the cheapest beauty treatment offered on the high street. Depending on the type and the number of lashes the price varies from £80-£100 for the application visit. Each lash beautician has in her offer offer standard 1:1 method, and 3D lashes. Recently, we can observe that more and more salons specialize in 6D and even 9D lashes. The price will rise according to the number of lashes per eye. Additionally, the material the lashes are made of play a crucial role in the price. Very light, natural mink or silk lashes cost much more than synthetic ones. Each refill session should cost no more than £50. If the lashes are maintained properly, it is recommended to fill all the gaps every 3-4 weeks.

The way you apply your makeup will require some changes

Any kind of oil-based makeup product is forbidden for the time you are wearing lash extensions. Find the foundation and eye base low in oil. If there is no product that suits you, just do not put any makeup in the eye area. Hey, your lashes are very long and thick and you do not need anything else (lipstick maybe?) to look like a million dollar. Do not use the eye cream, or if you cannot live without it, just dab a tiny bit under your eyes. There are also a few more restrictions when it comes to makeup. Stop using lash curler and mascara. Lash curler damages the bond between lashes resulting in lashes falling out prematurely. Additionally, do not use waterproof mascara as removing it without damaging extensions is impossible.

Will you have to cancel your swimming pool pass?

Eyelash extension may restrict some areas of your life; the physical activities may be one of them. As sweating and moisture, excess damage the bond between extensions and your natural lashes, you may consider cutting out your 90 min hot yoga sessions. Steam sauna, or swimming is also not recommend for the time you wear lash extensions. If you have too much energy that needs to be released, try fitness or pillates.

How will my natural lashes look when the extensions are gone?

Losing your own lashes is unavoidable. For months, your lashes have to carry the weight of 1, 2, or even 3 lashes. It often happens that natural lashes become very week and they fall out without completing their own life phase. Due to incorrect maintenance, lashes can be easily snagged on cotton towels and mascara wand. It often happens that after taking off the lash extensions, we are left with half of the lashes we had before the first treatment. To avoid this situation, lash beauticians recommend using oil-free lash growth serum for the whole time you are wearing lash extensions. Make sure that the enhancer dries quickly and that it does not leave sticky film on the lid. Both Revitalash and Nanolash have been proved to effectively nourish and strengthen lash follicles.

Lash extensions will take their tool

When you decide to stop having the infill sessions, you must be prepared that lashes are going to fall out not at the same time. The lash life cycle lasts up to 150 days; therefore, for another 2 to 3 months your lashes are going to be replaced by new, baby lashes. A few lashes that are standing out from the rest may not look very flattering. Try to get rid of the remaining extensions by doing the face sauna. Cleaning face and eye area with baby oil may also give great results.

Lash extensions are great treatment and as everything, there are pros and cons of this kind of beauty trend. Without doubt, lash extensions are not low maintenance and you have to put a lot of effort so they can look their best and last as long as possible.

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