Dream Lumi™ Touch Highlighting Concealer from Maybelline. Which concealer to pick and how to apply it?

by Monic Bert

Under eye concealer is definitely an indispensable cosmetic. Why is that? Thanks to this sort of product, we are able to hide all bruises, cover puffiness and camouflage the unattractive results of sleepless night. Which concealer is the best one? Certainly, the one highlighting eyes skin area. In this case, do not hesitate any longer and reach for Dream Lumi™ Touch Highlighting Concealer from Maybelline.

Dream Lumi™ Touch Highlighting Concealer from Maybelline

Dream Lumi™ is a concealer which highlights under eyes skin and makes the eyes look bigger. What is more, after the usage of Maybelline concealer, complexion turns into being healthier and refreshed. Fairly crucial, the product does not cumulate in face hollows or wrinkles, does not create a mask-like effect, is remarkably light and almost insensible while day-to-day wearing. Another considerable advantage of Maybelline product, it provides satisfactory imperfections coverage, due to which, dark circles under eyes are totally invisible and the skin tone becomes even. The issue that has to be also examined considers the consistency of the product. Dream Lumi™ is of gel formula which diffuses light and highlights particular parts of face.

Now, a few words about the shape of the concealer. Dream Lumi™ Touch Highlighting Concealer is designed in a form of an ordinary marker. It can be applied on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, under eyebrows, on a nose sides, on a mouth and obviously under eyes. Cheekbones and temples can be also covered with this remarkable Maybelline product. After that, the cosmetic should be pat in such a way, to make it blend with complexion and mix with a make-up foundation.

Which concealer to pick and how to apply it?

  • Rule No. 1 – While purchasing a concealer, it is fairly crucial to choose the right shade. Generally, it should be of one tone brighter than the make-up foundation shade. Quite common mistake is applying concealer of extremely bright shade. This kind of badly-chosen cosmetic emphasizes wrinkles appearance and puffiness under eyes. With attention to this, beware of such concealers.
  • Rule No. 2 – Bear in mind, an antibacterial concealer does not work with camouflaging dark circles around eyes. Notably, skin in this part of face is extremely delicate and, in most cases, this is not the preferable area of acne occurrence.
  • Rule No. 3 – Moisturising concealers are perfect for dry and sensitive skin since their composition may contain some oiling substances.
  • Rule No. 4 – Do not apply the thick layers of a concealer right under eyes area because this procedure will emphasize skin flaws that you would like to hide.

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