New make up foundation from Rimmel – Lasting Finish 25H

by Monic Bert

Rimmel has already started to get ready for the summer. Especially for us, this cosmetic brand has created a make up foundation which holds even during the most intense heat waves as well as hot parties lasting till the small hours. Get to know Lasting Finish 25H from Rimmel.

What is an ideal make up foundation for the summer? Obviously, not the one that runs down our face the instant we get out of our house. What is more, the perfect make up foundation for summer cannot stain our clothes, is not going to wipe off and provides our face skin with matt finishing. Quite important, while selecting the perfect summer make up foundation, draw your attention towards its composition. To demonstrate, the cosmetic needs to be of light and ultra-sheer consistency. On the whole, this kind of summer product cannot contain oily substances, silicons and oils in general. Do all of the above-mentioned features go hand in hand with Lasting Finish 25H from Rimmel brand?

First of all, let us start with the composition. Lasting Finish 25H make up foundation comprises of E Vitamin which is also know as the vitamin of youth. This organic compound provides face skin with smoothness, brightening and with the protection from free radicals as well. Additionally, this make up foundation contains SPF 20 sun-screen which reflects the solar radiation and, at the same time, does not let pigmentation and solar marks to be formed.

According to the producer, Rimmel make up foundation stays on the face for 25 hours! Normally, even the biggest event does not last that long and still, the make up has to be removed after a day spend at work or at school. For that reason, it is quite difficult to test the durability of the foundation. What are the other features of Lasting Finish 25H from Rimmel? For example, this cosmetic covers imperfections, is waterproof, comfortable to wear, blends flawlessly with skin tone, does not block skin pores and does not create smudges. Will you ask for more?

Now, a few hints how to find Lasting Finish 25H from Rimmel on the shop shelves. This make up foundation is sold in a white tube closing with a click. Despite the fact, that the cosmetic can stand in the upside down position, it is rather difficult to distribute the residues of the product. When it comes to the shades, the foundation is available in six colours: Light Porcelain, Ivory, Soft Beige, Classic Beige, Sand and True Nude. Finally, a single tube of the cosmetic contains 30 ml of Lasting Finish 25H.

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