Facial Masks: How to choose them to enjoy flawless skin?

by Monic Bert

Facial masks have been known for centuries as one of the finest and quick ways to improve the complexion. The best thing about these skin care products is the immediate effects they produce. And they are easy to notice because skin treated with a facial mask immediately becomes nourished and glowing. There is just one issue that must be born in mind when choosing a facial mask for yourself – you must be aware of your skin’s needs in order to find the mask to satisfy them.

Types of facial masks

There are three qualities of facial masks that have to be analyzed before picking it: the pace at which they harden on the face, the texture and the effects. When it comes to first quality, we can distinguish “soft” facial masks that don’t cake on the skin and can be easily removed with water. On the other hand, the facial masks that create a kind of a crust on skin, they somewhat stiffen facial muscles and open the skin pores so the nutrients penetrate faster and deeper through all the skin layers.

What about the texture? Again, we have three major categories to choose from: foam/mousse, emulsion, gel. The former facial masks are perfect for sensitive skin because they don’t cause irritation and are super gentle. Emulsion face masks resemble a regular face cream, yet they are richer in active substances. Gel facial masks are the easiest ones to spread on the face and work best for oily skin type.

Facial Masks: Who should find them useful and why?

Deeply conditioning facial masks are the ones that women reach for the most often. Since they differ in terms of the delivered effects and ingredients used, they are divided into several types. For example, moisturizing and nourishing facial masks are considered as the obligatory element of a day-to-day beauty ritual of all skin types, yet being highly recommended to those with dry skin. The sad truth is that a regular face cream isn’t strong enough to combat the dryness, therefore making use of a moisturizing facial mask that works more effectively and reaches deepest skin layers to intensely hydrate should help you say goodbye to this skin condition. Another positive thing about facial masks is that they can be applied no matter the season or weather conditions. The active substances that a facial mask is composed of, e.g. hyaluronic acid, should be found perfect for those who want to nourish the skin.

Cleansing facial masks are exceptionally gentle for skin and has a lightweight consistency. They are perfect for removing dead skin cells and excess sebum form the face. Moreover, cleansing facial masks reduce the problem of congested skin – they clean skin pores clogged with wastes. They are recommended for treating oily and combination skin.

When it comes to the facial masks that grant a face-lift effect and smooth skin out, they are mainly designed for women in their 40s (and older). They are responsible for reducing wrinkles and additionally they are able to leave skin more resilient. In most cases such facial masks are formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and natural oils to ensure the much needed moisturizing effect.

Tonifying facial mask are recommended for all skin types, yet those whose skin is allergy-prone and sensitive will be the most satisfied with this skincare product! Why? Such facial masks don’t cause any irritations or redness to the skin. Most tonifying facial masks are enriched with essential oils that help us relax and soothe our soul.

Homemade facial masks

Naturally, you can also make a facial mask at home! For example, you can try yeast facial mask that produces the best effects on acne-prone skin. Before preparing it at home, make sure that the yeast you want to use is fresh. Another interesting option is honey facial mask. Why is it so cool? Mainly because it’s perfect for all skin types. Reportedly, it’s the most efficacious when applied in the morning to freshly cleansed face.

Giving a face massage with avocado peel should get you glowing skin fast. It’s also a good idea to combine avocado with honey and lemon juice. Mash the avocado and mix it with the two remaining ingredients to obtain an even mass. Now you can spread the facial mask on the skin (you can also apply it to the neck and chest). Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse using boiled, lukewarm water.

If you are pressed for time, you can prepare fast sour cream and lemon juice facial mask. This homemade cosmetic will cool down your face in a snap. If you don’t have sour cream in the fridge, you can use a natural yogurt as well.

How about facial mask with egg yolk? One is enough. Just spread it over the skin and rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. Such facial mask should help even irritated and dehydrated skin.

Coffee facial mask will free you from dark circles that make you look tired. How to prepare such marvel? Make use of the old coffee grounds. To boost the mask’s nourishing properties, try adding some milk. If you combine it with sugar, you will create a diy facial scrub. If you want to brighten up skin pigmentation, add a few drops lemon juice.

As you can see, the possibilities of taking good care of the skin are limitless. Therefore, reach for a facial mask and enjoy stunning and flawless skin!

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