What should we do to have long lashes? 9 RULES TO FOLLOW FROM NOW ON

by Monic Bert

Every time you look at your reflection in the mirror you can’t get over with the fact that your eyelashes aren’t as thick and long as other women’s. No worries! Learn 9 RULES OF PROPER EYELASH CARE to improve appearance of your lashes.

1. Precise makeup removal

Most frequently eyelashes become weak as a consequence of being coated with excessive quantity of colour cosmetics which don’t only limit access to oxygen but also overburden this delicate hair of ours. By falling asleep with coated eyelashes, we increase the possibility of them falling out and become brittle. Hence, evening makeup removal is a compulsory element of your daily beauty routine!

2. Mascara primer

Very few women make use of mascara primers because they aren’t aware of the function such cosmetic serves. It doesn’t only intensify the effect of enhanced and extended eyelashes but also creates a delicate protective layer which shields lashes against harmful factors.

3. A good mascara

The quality of cosmetics we use to coat our lashes is very important simply because eyelashes are able to absorb substances from the environment. Therefore, if a mascara contains toxic or harmful compounds, the state of our eyelashes will be damaged. For that reason, it’s wise to choose a mascara featuring nourishing substances.

4. Eyelash serum

This is the very core of eyelash care. Our tiny hair isn’t able to regenerate and nourish on its own therefore we need to provide them with support. Precious features of an eyelash serum help lashes become not only stronger but also make them grow longer, thicker and more elastic.

5. An eyelash curler? No, thank you

It’s obvious that an eyelash curler was invented to help women define lashes by gifting them with an alluring shape. Fortunately, such an effect of lifted lashes can be frequently obtained thanks to using a mascara alone. Therefore, the use of an eyelash curler should be limited because if we squeeze our eyelashes with this item too often, we damage them considerably.

6. Vitamin E for eyelashes

Available at a pharmacy’s vitamin E capsules can help take care of health and beautiful look of our leashes in our home environment. In most cases, these have liquid form, therefore, once freed from the capsule, you can either apply vitamin E directly to your eyelashes or add to your mascara to enrich this colour cosmetic.

7. Sensible quantity of a mascara

Similarly to the quality of the mascara, it’s the applied amount of it that counts. You shouldn’t put on a few coats of a mascara at once. Good effects should be obtained by coating your lashes only twice. Remember, the more coats you apply, the greatest the weight to lift by your delicate hair there is.

8. Castor oil

One of the most frequently recommended eyelash care substance is castor oil that can be rubbed into eyelashes to reinforce them, deliver gloss and adds shine. If applied regularly, it is supposed to accelerate eyelash growth. Unfortunately, the density of the oil significantly impedes application.

9. Appropriate amount of sleep

Although it may sound banal, you shouldn’t forget that our appearance and health are influenced by the way we sleep. If we have problems with falling asleep, suffer from insomnia or if there’s something which disturb our night time rest, the lashes will be weakened. Together with dark circles around eyes caused by having not enough time to sleep at night, the effect won’t be startling.

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