The most common mistakes in hair care

by Monic Bert

beauty.jpgIt’s surprising that despite the development of cosmetics and cosmetology, and a whole range of articles telling us how to take care of our hair, we still have doubts and troubles when doing so. We tend to repeat mistakes because we are guided by opinions that have been functioning in society for decades. It’s time to deal with them once and for all. Here are the most common mistakes in hair care.

1. Inappropriately matched hair care 

When buying cosmetics, always make sure if they are properly matched to the type of your hair. Poorly chosen care can do more harm than good – instead of nurturing the hair, it can damage it. Pay attention to whether hair products are free from parabens, silicones and harmful alcohols such as the alcohol denat type – all these substances dry out or interfere with the proper functioning of the skin.

2. Using too many cosmetics 

This is another serious mistake in hair care. It turns out that more does not always mean better – if the hair gets too many care ingredients, it will become overloaded: flat and lack of vitality. Such hair can start to fall out, and cosmetics that contain more synthetic than natural ingredients will also dry out the hair. Remember that too many care products can build up on the hair, which will stop it from growing.

3. Tugging and rubbing the hair too vigorously when brushing and towel-drying 

It takes some time to dry the hair after washing and so, when running late, we often wipe it with a towel too vigorously pulling and tugging the strands. Meanwhile, wet hair is several times more susceptible to damage! Therefore, it is much easier to damage its structure. After washing, get rid of excess water by gently squeezing it in a towel.

4. Using too many styling products 

Styling products will help you tame and make any hairstyle at the same time keeping the hair in good condition. However, it used in excess, they can dry it out and accumulate at the base and the entire length. This way, they block nutrients from entering the inner structures. In addition, many styling cosmetics work like a magnet attracting dirt, dust, and impurities.

5. Too little emollients 

Emollients are substances that not only take care of the hair from the inside but also form a microscopic coating on the surface to protect it from damage. They do not build-up on the surface of the hair, but smooth it out, condition and improve its elasticity. They are essential for proper hair growth, and at the same time, they cleanse the scalp well – provided that you use natural emollients with a good composition and of proper origin. These include natural hair oils.

6. Lack of scalp care 

Clean and healthy scalp is one of the most important aspects in hair care. It is important because that’s where the hair roots are  -the part of the hair that is responsible for its health, strength, and growth. Hair bulbs can be nurtured by providing the body with a set of vitamins and minerals, as well as often oil hair treatment (oils penetrate into the bulbs and improve their condition). Regularly performed hair oiling perfectly cleanses the scalp and accelerates hair growth as well as inhibits hair loss.

7. Hair straightener overuse 

A flat iron is a gadget that (unfortunately) almost every woman owns. The straightener provides the hair with an impeccable look in one moment. It smoothes, straightens and conditions. Unfortunately, the price we need to pay is very severe: high temperatures (above 200 ° C) burn the hair and disrupt the sulfide bonds inside. Such a hair loses not only the water molecules responsible for its great appearance, health and elasticity, but it is also damaged inside. Therefore, you should give up on using a hair straightener if you want your hair to be healthy and strong.

8. Too hot blow-dryer

A blow-dryer can turn out to be equally dangerous. Too hot air gets rid of water from the interior, it dries it out along the entire length, and can additionally irritate the scalp. What is more, over time, it can cause dandruff, increased seborrhea and hair loss. The optimal temperature during drying is around 40 ° C.

9. Lack of UV protection 

When the sun rays touch the hair, they have similar effects to the hair dryer: they overheat it excessively, get rid of water and increase the porosity of the hair. Also, due to lack of sunscreen, you are likely to experience a change of the color: the hair becomes faded, dull and rough. Scalp burns, weakening of hair roots and increased hair loss are also very common results of overexposure of the hair to the sun, so remember to wear a hat in summer and protect the strands during sunbathing using properly selected natural oils or special hair lotions with a high SPF filter.

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