Eyebrow-shaping methods. Is it time to say goodbye to your tweezers?

by Monic Bert

There are quite a few methods to give your eyebrows the right shape. The use of tweezers is still the most popular among them, used by both professionals and women themselves. However, in beauty parlours also other methods are frequently used to give the eyebrows the right shape. Which are the most effective?

Why is it important to shape the eyebrows?

Eyebrows are integral part of our face. Without them, we would look strange, to say the least. They also protect our eyes and strongly affect our general look. For those reasons, it is important to properly take care of our tiny hairs. In general, the aim is to match the shape of the eyebrows to the shape of the face and eyes. Such factors as our hairstyle or glasses should also be taken into account. It is also not recommended to remove all the hairs or give the arch a strange contour.

Eyebrow-shaping methods

Eyebrow Tweezing

This is a relatively easy method. Eyebrow plucking can be done by a technician in a beauty salon and by yourself at home. Before the procedure, it’s good to mark the proper shape of eyebrows including the main three points: above the inner corner of the eye, above the outer edge of the iris and above the outer corner of the eye. The hairs that are outside the contour should be removed with the use of tweezers. Before doing it, the tweezers should be sanitised. It is also important to soothe the skin afterwards.

Eyebrow Threading

This method originated in India. Threading is an universal method that is used to remove the hairs from eyebrows, hands or legs. It involves twisting the thread to pluck the hair. This method is recommended for the owners of sensitive skin, as it is less painful than other methods. In a professional beauty salon the treatment should take no more than five minutes.

Eyebrow Waxing

This is a painful method, but at the same time very precise. It removes the smallest and brightest hairs that would be easily omitted when plucking them. The procedure involves the use of heated wax, sugar paste, or ready-made strips. In general, it is better to visit a professional to have your eyebrows waxed as it might be hard to do it at home. An experient person will do it precisely without causing any pain or skin irritations.

Eyebrow Trimming

This method involves trimming the hairs instead of plucking them. It makes use of a special blade. This is a simple tool with which you can give your eyebrows the right shape that matches your face.

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