Is it possible to have perfect eyebrows in just 4 weeks? Meet Nanobrow!

by Monic Bert

Nanobrow serum

Women have always dreamed of beautiful eyebrows, even though the canons of beauty changed from decade to decade. What kind of eyebrows are perceived as attractive these days? How to take care of them and give them the right shape? Find out the answers to those and other questions with the Nanobrow brand.

Just a few decades ago, women shaved their eyebrows to shape them from the scratch. They used to draw thin black lines that resembled eyebrows. Today, we definitely go for natural look and focus on highlighting the beauty of our natural eyebrows with such products as Nanobrow.

Why is eyebrow care important?

If we want to have perfect eyebrows, we usually reach for make-up cosmetics. With the use of eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow we try to give them the right shape and hide some imperfections. It’s a mistake! Eyebrows, like hair and skin, need proper care. Only properly nourished and moisturised eyebrows will grow dense and thick.

Remember that a good eyebrow serum is a product that beautifies, regenerates and protects from harmful factors, such as:

  • excessive stress,
  • environmental pollution,
  • overloading make-up products,
  • photoaging.

How to care for eyebrows?

Definitely with a product like Nanobrow. It’s a professional eyebrow serum that will quickly regenerate your brows and emphasize their natural beauty.

There are many home remedies for eyebrows, for example castor oil. This is the cheapest alternative to the use of more professional products, but the price here indicates also low quality. Unfortunately, castor oil is not enough to enhance the growth of your eyebrows. It has a thick consistency that is difficult to absorb. It’s possible to make it easier!

best eyebrow growth serum nanobrow

The best eyebrow conditioner

Which eyebrow conditioner is the best? Which one is worth buying? Before you choose the product, check three things: composition, applicator, action.

Nanobrow is the best among all care products created for thin, sparse and falling out eyebrows. What makes it the best eyebrow serum on the market?

  1. It contains a great set of care ingredients.
  2. It works from the inside as it strengthens the hair bulbs.
  3. It is equipped with a convenient and easy to use applicator.
  4. It changes the appearance of the eyebrows in a few weeks.
  5. It has a mild formula.

How does Nanobrow work?

The effectiveness of Nanobrow is based on the combination of the best quality plant extracts, moisturising and regenerating substances: Baicalein, soy and wheat germ extracts, arginine, panthenol, glycerin and ginseng extract, to name just a few. Their combination in Nanobrow is a masterpiece. The effect is beautiful and thick eyebrows in only 3-4 weeks.

It is essential that Nanobrow is absorbed immediately after application. This way it works directly on hair bulbs. It means that it takes just a few weeks to have thick, elastic, dark and long eyebrows.

As a result, with regular use of Nanobrow:

  • eyebrows don’t fall out excessively,
  • the hairs become denser and more expressive,
  • there is no need to apply make-up every day.

nanobrow best eyebrow growth serum

Application in two steps

The biggest advantage of Nanobrow is trouble-free application. With the use of a perfectly designed applicator with a soft tip, the serum can be applied very quickly and precisely. The whole process takes no more than 2 minutes, you just need to follow the two steps:

  • step 1: carefully remove your make-up and dry the skin,
  • step 2: apply a small amount of the serum… and voilà!

More information on Nanobrow products can be found on

21 Comments “Is it possible to have perfect eyebrows in just 4 weeks? Meet Nanobrow!”

  1. Marlene

    Eyebrows care in two steps and that’s what I like! 🙂

  2. flower girl

    That’s my eyebrow serum! <3 I recommend it to everyone with sparse eyebrows. Makeup no more necessary!

  3. sophie

    Just 3 weeks?! WHen I used Librow I had to wait a month to observe any change… 😮

  4. Agnes 28

    I’m ‘supersensitive’ my skin gets allergic reaction super fast, but after Nanobrow there was no such thing, I could easily use it for month on end. effects obviouslly PERFECT!

  5. xy

    My granny to this day draws thin lines with a pencil… look weird. i’m a fan of thick full eyebrows.

  6. woman

    I had no idea that makeup removers can damage eyebrows this much :((

  7. Monique

    Application is so simple and effects so perfect that i’m in shock! Amazing treatment for eyebrows that works fast and in the most natural way.

  8. mi-amore

    Masterwork is a good word. 🙂 No other eyebrow serum ever worked so fast and so well for me like Nanobrow did!

  9. Sophie_P

    Heartly recommend it, I give Nanobrow 10 out of 10 because its a great and efficient serum, easy to use.

  10. revolution

    the best, perfectly shapes eyebrows and this composition is just marvellous

  11. Kathrine Walker

    Sounds goos but I took a peak at the website and the price is quite scary. Not everyone can afford this type of luxury.

    • olive olson

      You realise that there way more expensive eyebrow serums than this one? In my opinion here price is 100% the reflection of the quality, ingredients and effects. Besides, you can buy more and it will be cheaper, e.g free shipping 🙂

    • Katie

      WORTH IT!!

  12. mademoiselle

    i have sparse eyebrows that fall out constantly. can nanobrow help?

  13. Vera

    To me it’s the best eyebrow serum. Works on the inside so effects are more long-lasting and expressive. On top of it, the use is super easy. Try it, it’s worth it!

  14. Yollanda

    I used to use castor oil but its application and all the waiting for effects is tiresome. Conditioner is way better.

  15. stranger

    wow! i got it recently and i’m very pleased with it :))

  16. Maya 92

    I’d like to announce here and now that I officially and FINALLY HAVE EYEBROWS!

  17. delighted

    Wow, super price for such effects and amzing ingredients!

  18. dominique

    Top-notch quality, what’s more works amazing, in 3 weeks my eyebrows grew back, I had no idea that its even possible!

  19. Madeline

    Bit pricey…


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