Hair Oils. Say YES to natural hair care

by Monic Bert

How to take care of your hair? This easy question haunts many women all over the world every single day. Especially women who were repeatedly disappointed by using drugstore conditioners. It is time for a change! Nowadays, natural hair care seems like a real game-changer. Is the hair oils trend justified? 

Hair oil treatment has many advantages and it seems that it is not only a temporary and irrational trend. The popularity of the procedure did not come out of the blue. On the contrary, it has come along with all those women who gave up hope of having beautiful and healthy hair after using another failure – conditioner filled with chemicals – purchased in drugstores. It seems that so far, the remedies to such problem are hair oils that provide natural care.

Hair Oiling has its advantages!

It is an extremely easy yet effective procedure that can be performed on the hair and scalp. A majority of conditioners and masks are, unfortunately, unsuitable to be applied to the scalp due to their comedogenic properties. Also, they might cause severe irritations whereas oil hair care is completely safe and fully natural for the hair and scalp. It will not only not cause dandruff but also help to overcome it. It is worth remembering and even emphasising that oils used regularly provide:

  • scalp’s proper pH,
  • increased hair growth,
  • proper level of hydration,
  • proper sebum secretion,
  • softness and shine,
  • easier hair styling.

Despite what one might think, an oil that matches the hair type correctly will not increase oiliness or overburden the hair. Natural oils are absorbed into the hair and do no build up on the surface the way silicones and similar substances do. Of course, oils are way better for hair because they do not cause any irritations, allergic reactions, in comparison to alcohols and parabens.

The key to success is matching the oil to the particular hair type. Bear in mind that the oil must match the hair needs. Useful products can be found in pharmacies, good drugstores or online – but always have a closer look at the list of ingredients and browse through forums to find the opinions of women who have already used the products you intend to purchase. Remember that oils work best when they are matched to the particular hair structure, therefore, it is highly recommended to determine the hair type before going shopping. All set!

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