Wake Up with Super Hairdo! 5 Useful Tricks

by Monic Bert


Creased, tangled, messy. This what every woman’s hair looks like after getting up in the morning. If you dislike such a hairdo, discover a few useful hacks for a quick and easy styling & brushing.

Overnight hair treatment

Just think about the benefits you would get after such a treatment. You do not need to measure the time like in case of regular masks and conditioners. You will not have to wait 10 minutes recommended on the packaging to wash the cosmetic off. Thanks to the all-night-long treatment, you will save some time and will style any hairdo in no time in the morning. What should you do? Wash hair in the evening, apply a hair product and thoroughly comb the strands. Your hair will absorb the ingredients during the night. In the morning, wash hair once again and style as you like.

Do not blow-dry before sleep

The time has finally come! You can sleep with wet hair. Just put on a special cap; do not tie your hair before sleep – in this way you could damage or break the strands. Metal elements on ties or small and tight ties can weaken and pull out your hair. Consequently, your hairdo will be prone to damage.

Dry shampoo for volume boost

We usually go for a dry shampoo to keep the hairdo fresh and remove the sebum excess. You can use it in a completely different way, though. Spritz the roots with the shampoo in the evening, comb out and make a high bun. In the morning, comb the hair once again and style a hairdo.

Satin pillowcases

Pillowcases made of coarse material can damage your hair structure. To make things worse, hair gets tangled between buttons. How to deal with the problem? Buy a satin pillowcase or a special pillow. Choose bed sheets that have no buttons or zips. Remember also to regularly change the sheets because allergens and bacteria can weaken hair condition.

Brush hair before sleep

Before bedtime, comb hair out to lower the risk of tangles. Go for brushes made from natural material. Stand straight with head down when you brush hair. In this way, you boost body and avoid tangling while asleep.

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