How to prepare eyelashes for the big event? Artistic make-up and Nanolash eyelash conditioner

by Monic Bert

Give me five minutes! How many times did you say that to your boyfriend? Does it really take only five minutes to make oneself pretty? Obviously, the professional care lasts much longer and it has to be spread over a period of time to achieve the satisfactory effects. Do you know how to prepare your eyelashes for the special occasions? In what way can you decorate and take care of them?

Eyelash conditioners – how to take care of eyelashes?

To make eyelashes long, thick and strong, it is generally advisable to use eyelash conditioners. They consist of plant origin ingredients which drive eyelash to growth. What is more, the aim of these cosmetics is also to strengthen, moisture, curve and rebuild damaged eyelashes.

The upper and lower eyelash line should be covered with the conditioner with the aid of a special brush. Before every single application it is suggested to cleanse eyelid skin from the make-up residues. This procedure enables the conditioner to be absorbed fully. The beauty treatment lasts a couple of months, although, the ultimate results are noticeable in the first weeks of the treatment.

Eyelash conditioner beauty treatment produces effects in a from of healthy, thick and long eyelashes. There is no need in attaching false eyelashes and the usage of adhesive while putting on make-up for the especial occasions. To boost the look, it is suffice just to apply a mascara or a transparent gel, and then, comb eyelashes with a brush.

Nanolash – eyelash conditioner

Nanolash eyelash conditioner lengthens, thickens and makes the eyelashes dense. Furthermore, it enhances eyelashes’ growth, their regeneration and strength. What is more, Nanolash nourishes and moisturizes follicles, driving these to effective work. Additionally, Nanolash comprises of natural substances, such as, plant extracts. What is important, it does not cause any irritations and allergic reactions.

Naturally, to make the application of Nanolash easier a small brush is provided. With the aid of the brush, a thin line is to be painted every night, equally, on the lower and upper eyelid, right at the eyelash line. The first results are noticeable after approximately two or three weeks, whereas, the final results are achieved in two or three months. After this period of time, it is advisable to use the conditioner every few days.

Artistic make-up – what is it exactly?

Artistic make-up is the combination of daily make-up, make-up performed at the backstage of fashion shows and photo shoots, scene make-up, television make-up and, last but not least, body-painting. It is completely vital to have the knowledge concerning cosmetology and dermatology fields to perform the successful artistic make-up. It stands to no reason that creativity and the skillful usage of brushes are also crucial. Furthermore, artistic make-up is applied for the needs of the masquerades or costume balls. If you want to create this kind of make-up, prepare beforehand: small crystals, sequins, feathers, false eyelashes, high quality cosmetics, body paints, laces and other sparklers.

If you take the idea of creating artistic make-up into serious consideration, your skin and eyelids need to be in a perfect condition, and eyebrows and eyelashes – healthy, strong and adequately long when you are not willing to attach the false eyelashes. Start with the application of base, foundation and powder. Obviously, select the cosmetics appropriately to make them match with your skin needs and skin tone. Only when the face is properly prepared, apply the purple and yellow artistic make-up.

On the outer corners of the eyes and right beneath brow ridges put on a black body paint. Next, use the matt, black eye shadow. With the yellow stain, paint inner corner of the eye, and then, consolidate it with the matt, yellow eye shadow. Follow the same procedure on the lower eyelid. After that, in the middle of the upper eyelid, apply pink paint. Smudge it in such a way to create smooth transition between black and yellow colour put earlier. Smudge the eye shadows and apply the purple eye shadow with a broad brush. Try to stretch it in the direction of temple. The purple eye shadow should be also applied on the lower eyelid. In the inner corner of the eye put pink eye shadow. The same cosmetic should be also put on temples, right above the brow rings. The inner side of the bottom of the nose, located on the eye line, paint with purple eye shadow.

Time to mark the eyebrows. Perform this on the wet eyebrows with black eye shadow or black eyeliner. With the aid of a special make-up fixative, mark eyelash line and next, shower it with the glitter. To the temple and above the eyebrows attach colourful sparklers and crystals. Right above the cheekbones, on temples and between the applied decorations, put some glitter. Use the bronzer to mark the cheekbones. Due to this procedure you are going to make your face slimmer. Next, use loose powder and blusher. Paint your lips with pink or peach lip gloss or lippy. Then, cover your eyelashes with a waterproof mascara (because you do not longer need false eyelashes.) The water line eye, lower and upper eyelid paint with a black pencil or an eyeliner. Finally, correct the eye shadows’ outline, put some more glitter on the lower eyelid and neat all inadequacies. Now you are ready for the big event!

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  1. Dora93

    a great article! I was just looking for something like that

  2. AngelW

    I have, I use it & I recommend it! :))

  3. Emily

    no matter if it’s a stage or aily makeup, long and voluminoous lashes are the necessity

  4. Patricia

    About a year ago I’ve been using this serum because after pregnancy, my lashes were falling out in excess. The product helped me a lot and it started working very quickly. It’s simply amazing! I will definitely repurchase it

    • Izzy

      I can thoroughly recommend it. It really increases the length ans strengthens lashes

  5. Maggie111

    I have always been sceptical towards such products but I can see that there are ingedients that juz cannot be harmful. I think I’m gonna give it a try and see how it work on my lashes

  6. Spencer

    I have the first bottle fo revitalash but I heard that nanolash works equally well?

  7. Paige

    To be honest, I complared the two of them but nanolash worked much better

  8. Ariana

    I prefer to stay with my beloved revitalash, I am too scared to experiment with a different serum because I am not sure how my eyes and lashes will react to it

  9. Yvonne

    For me they have pretty similar qualities, maybe with nanolash the effects lasted a bit longer

  10. AnonymousAnn

    it all sounds great but it way to expensive for me

  11. Vicky

    I haven’t had such an effective cosmetic in a long time. After a month, my lashes are sooo long I love it. I am still using it to make them even more fuller-looking

  12. Emma

    is it possible to use for the eybrows? i want mine to be thicker

  13. Samantha

    I did and it worked

  14. Olivia

    I had no clue it can be applied to the eyebrows too! how cool is that

  15. Hermione

    That is just for me! My eyes are very sensitive and that’s why I haven’t used anything like before

  16. Jules

    the most natural is definitely the castor oil

  17. Barbie17

    it irritated my eyes I couldn’t used it and when it comes to the effectivenes there are as many satissfied users as disappointed

  18. Soleil

    I’ve never heard of it before but I will definitely try it out, the ones I have used so far were not entirely effective

  19. Voila

    it’s the 4th day I am using it and I cannot wait to see the effects

  20. Sylvia Riss

    I am almost convinced to buy it although it’s not realy affordable

  21. Sylvia Riss

    haven’t used it but I will, stronger and longer lashes is what I always wanted


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