What is eyelash dandruff and how to beat it?

by Monic Bert

Have you ever heard of eyelash dandruff? As much as hair can be affected by dandruff, so can the eyelashes. Check what’s that, what causes dandruff to occur on lashes and how to get rid of it.

What is eyelash dandruff?

You’ll find little information on lash dandruff online. It’s little wonder because dandruff usually makes us think of scalp and head hair. Surprisingly, each of us, regardless of age or gender, may have this problem. If you spot flaky skin, you’re also likely to face to atopic or seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. How do you know you deal with lash dandruff? You will see fine flakes at the lash roots or throughout lash length.

Why does dandruff affect your lashes?

There are lots of factors that cause eyelash dandruff. It mostly comes together with:

  • oily or dry dandruff on scalp
  • atopic or seborrheic dermatitis
  • lack of proper lash care
  • incorrect make-up removal
  • allergies, ophthalmitis

How to beat eyelash dandruff?

  1. Ensure eye and eyelash hygiene. It’s a key thing you must do if you struggle with lahs dandruff. To keep hygiene in this face area, use hypoallergenic make-up products and removers, cleanse lashes using an infant’s shampoo twice a week.
  2. Eye compress. Not only will it help lashes but also eliminate dark under eye circles and puffiness. Green tea compress works best because it has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Using this kind of treatment before sleep regularly gives great results.Anti-dandruff shampoo for lashes. Use it once a week in a very gentle way. It’s vital that you use as little shampoo as possible. Keep the product from getting into the eyes as it would cause irritation; use a q-tip soaked in the shampoo and water. Be careful and thoroughly rinse the eyes and skin afterwards.
  3. Fight the main cause of dandruff. Lash as well as scalp dandruff may be caused by diseases, hormonal imbalance or using wrong products. Eliminating one of the factors may turn out to be the way to get rid of the problem in a flash.

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