How to straighten the hair without a flat iron?

by Monic Bert

beauty.jpgHair can have a different structure: it can be straight, wavy or curly. It is usually the case that those whose nature has given straight hair, dream of waves or curls, and those whose hair is naturally curly, would like to have their hair wavy or straight. Fortunately, the hair can be both straightened and curled. Many people avoid straighteners, curlers, and even dryers because they are afraid that these devices will worsen the condition of their hair. This is partially true: even the most modern hairdressing tools have a negative impact on its condition. So how to straighten your hair without using a straightener?

What hair is prone to straightening?

Not every type of hair is equally prone to straightening. The thicker and denser the hair, the more tighter the curl, and thus, the more difficult it is to straighten such hair and achieve a long-lasting effect. If the hair is thin fine or wavy, straightening it will not be a big problem, but it will certainly take a long time. In addition, with this type of hair, the effect of straight strands will last longer.

When straightening hair, its length is also important. The longer the hair is, the heavier it is and the more difficult it is to lift and curl it. On long hair, all straightening methods work easier and the results last longer, especially if the ends are not damaged.

What products will facilitate hair straightening?

Heavy hair masks and conditioners with silicone that will stick and make the hair wavy will make it more susceptible to straightening. Rinse the hair thoroughly so that it does not remain greasy.

How do you straighten your hair without using a straightener?

Although drugstores offer a wide range of hair straightening products, we are more and more willing to choose old-fashioned, home-made methods. Probably not many people know exactly which substances and combinations of substances they are allergic to. Homemade methods are simple and if they do not serve us, we consciously avoid them (obviously, a person allergic to honey will not use a mask based on it).

Shampoos and conditioners for straightening

Despite the benefits of at-home hair straightening methods, many people opt for ready-made drugstore products. In stores, you can find entire product lines that will make our hair straight. Unfortunately, these types of cosmetics do not provide long-lasting effects, especially in the case of coils. For this reason, it is worth using other methods, for example, an appropriate way to dry your hair.

How to blow-out your hair straight?

Straightening hair with the use of a blow-dryer is a very old method. It has been used since the hair dryers were invented, and the straightener has not yet been invented. For this purpose, a dryer that has different air temperatures and the ionization function will work best. Thanks to ionization, hair gains gloss. Before using the dryer, the wet hair should be combed straight, and then dried with a cool setting from the roots to the ends. The dryer must be placed above the head and the air flow directed downwards.

Straightening hair with hairpins

If we are eternally running late, we can straighten our hair at night. For this purpose, tie the wet hair into a tight ponytail at the back of the head and wait until the strands are only slightly damp. Then, we clip the straight strands of hair into the head with a hairpin like a headband. In the morning, the hair will not be perfectly straight, but it will take less time to style it.

Keratin hair straightening

Although this treatment is performed using a straightener, it does not affect the condition of the hair. This is because the applied keratin products rebuild the hair and prevent its damage during straightening. Keratin hair straightening can be done by yourself or at the salon by a professional hairdresser. The effect can last up to 3 months.

Straightening hair with sage

This plant can darken the hair color, so mainly dark-haired women should use the herb to straighten their hair. To prepare for the procedure, just pour hot water over two sachets of sage and keep them covered for about 10 minutes. After removing the sachets and cooling the infusion, pour the hair over it and then dry it as usually. Rinsing hair with sage dries hair, so you should not do it every day.

Straightening the hair with potato starch

Starch weighs hair as much as silicones, so you can enrich your favorite masks and conditioners, which require rinsing. As a result, the hair will be heavier, more susceptible to straightening and will remain straight longer.

Hair straightening with paraffin oil

The paraffin oil should be rubbed into the hair itself or in combination with heavy oils. Leave it in the hair for an hour or two. After the desired period of time, wash it down. Paraffin oil works like starch and oils, that is, it weighs the hair down and consequently, straightens it.

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